UMO - 2nd International Cartoon contest'06

Previously, the objects we used in our day-to-day lives were easy to use and predictable in behavior. We used to wind our watches to set time, turn on a switch to light up a space, turn on a radio and set stations with a knob, attend to a call by just picking up the receiver of the phone, etc., But now with the introduction of computing; the objects we use come with many behaviors

Mobile phones so far have had a much larger impact in our lives than anticipated. From being just a piece of communication tool, it has achieved a status of an object of desire, an object to possess. If some use it just for telecommunication, some have gone to the extent of making it their most personal gadget to rely in every need. They come in different shapes, sizes and some look even like being made for multi- purpose usage akin to cracking nuts. Some of them even confuse us, as they share amazingly similar looks with a television remote control. Most of them are pleasing to look at and offer great features but are rarely of any use.

Most of us have had various kinds of experiences with this so-called most essential gadget. It alerts us, excites us, pleases us, surprises us, enthralls us, scares us and also troubles us

The objective of this competition is to identify troublesome moments we experience while using mobile phones in a specific context or even out of context and depict it in the form of a hilarious cartoon.

International Cartoon Contest'06 Winners

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Details about the entries chosen for the exibition for World Usability Day'06 at Hyderabad are displayed below. Please click on the thumbnail for an enlarged version of the Cartoon, add your comments and vote for each cartoon.

Team-UMO duly acknowledges it's gratitude towards all the participants.


International Cartoon Contest'06 Entries Preview

"World Usability Day" is an Earth Day style event held on 14 November 2006, focused on raising awareness and visibility of usability engineering and user centered design. UsabilityMatters.Org is the local event coordinator for the World Usability Day-2006, Hyderabad, India event.

UsabilityMatters.Org has organized a 9 day exhibition and a host of activities on November 14, 2006, for the World Usability Day-2006 in Hyderabad, India.

The exhibition and the conference was well attended by over 200 people from usability community, students, and professionals from Design related domains from Hyderabad.