Since UMO is a non-profit organization, we do enjoy the freedom from a set of commands that need to be executed per year basis. But then we also need to align various energies into right directions and get as many people involved for a given initiative.

The best involvement one can have in such a scenario is to be a volunteer and help take the Design Community in India to the next level.

The various roles of involvement with UMO are


Visit our Sponsors page to know the detailed plans about sponsoring UMO activities, and making donations etc..

To directly get in touch, send in a email to the umo-sponsorship


Get Registered as a volunteer, voice your views, throw ideas, and share the work with the most active design and usability community in Hyderabad, India.

To directly get in touch, send in a email to the umo-volunteership


If you are a designer or a design enthusiast from any country around the world, you Get registed as a member for a nominal fee to support and participate in UMO activities.

The entry membership fees will be used for building a corpus fund.


Get in touch to know more about how to become an Affiliate.

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