UMO2007 Conference

Date : 30th Nov 2007

UMO2007 workshops

Date : 1st & 2nd Dec 2007

UMO 2007 Bad Design Expo

Date : 1st to 4th Dec 2007

UMO-2007 is a unique opportunity to learn, exchange ideas, share resources, and network. This National Conference on Designing for user experience is an easily accessible, affordable way to acquire new techniques, view best practices, and understand issues facing our profession.

"World Usability Day" is an Earth Day style event held on 8 November 2007, focused on raising awareness and visibility of usability engineering and user centered design. UsabilityMatters.Org is the local event coordinator for the World Usability Day-2007, Hyderabad, India event.

The exhibition and the conference was well attended by over 200 people from usability community, students, and professionals from Design related domains from Hyderabad.