The Bad-Designs Showcase

This is where you'll find the biggest collection of Bad Design examples from daily life!!!

The Bad Designs were collected over the years from the user submitted entries for the World Usability Day Contests under the name "Boycott Bad Designs".

See our past volunteers at Team UMO : 2009, 2008, 2007, 2006, 2005.

2010 - 07.30.

Announcing the UMO – 6th Bad Design Contest'10, here is a summary:

  • Open to everybody
  • No Limit on number of entries
  • No entry fee
  • Awards worth Rs 30,000/-
  • Deadline: September 10th, 2010

The details follow.....

2010 - 07.18.

Announcing the UMO – 6th International Cartoon Contest’10, here is the summary: 

  • Open to everybody
  • 5 entries per participant
  • No entry fee
  • Awards worth Rs 60,000/-
  • Deadline: September 10th, 2010

The details follow.....

2010 - 07.18.

Thanks to all the participants and wonderful speakers for the sucess of TechEase'09.

The photographs and videos of the event are publised here.

2009 - 10.15.

Thank you for the tremendous response for the UMO'09 initiatives.

You can see the comments from select Winners of Boycott Bad Designs and International Cartoon Contest.

We thank the winners for sharing their thoughts, see you next year!

2009 - 10.09.

UMO 2009 Volunteers

UMO 2009 Volunteers

UMO-2009 Working Team*
  Name Organization
Ashish Tiwari Cordys
Dr.Akhtar SureCare Homoepathy
Dr.Rajashekar SureCare Homoepathy
Jagadish uiser
Kaladhar Bapu Microsoft
Komal Mangu Architect
Ramprasad Xactec
Shyam Sundar Duriseti Reed Business Information
Silpa Prasad Civil Engineer
Vamsi Krishna Tummala

*Volunteer who spends substantial amount of productive time will be considered
to be part of UMO2009 working team

The list of volunteers based in hyderabad, arranged alphabetically.

Onsite Volunteers

Name Organization
Krishnamurthy Apollo Health Street Pvt. Ltd.
Mohd Abdul Irfan Mesco College Of Pharmacy
Nasarullah Khan Honeywell
Nitesh Kumar Student
Sainath Gupta IIIT
Venkat Vijay  

The list of Volunteers based in other cities than Hyderabad.

Remote Volunteers

Name Organization City
Aakash Goel BITS, Pilani Rajasthan
Arun J. Martin VMware Bangalore
Asif Masiuddin SCADIA / ADAC Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates
Reshma K Ness Mumbai
Shamit Shrivastav Bajaj Electricals ltd., Pune
Tejas Shukla Broadridge Financial solutions New York, USA

Keep visiting this post for the updates in the list.

We all share equal responsibility in leading the charge for a common cause on the occasion of World Usability Day, to be held at Hyderabad by UsabilityMatters.Org(UMO).

Let's get to know each other much better as we march ahead and also get better understanding of the responsibilities and challenges ahead.

Looking forward to set the example for The World Usability Day initiatives from Hyderabad.

2009 - 07.31.

  • Open to all
  • Display of selected Bad Design entries
  • Display of selected International Cartoons
  • 17th to 22nd (6days) September at State Art Gallery, Madhapur, Hyd, India
2009 - 07.30.

Most of us used to take delight in watching birds paying us a visit in our very own habitats during our childhood, when today's cities were still attractive enough for nature to cast its beautiful spell with changing seasons, colors, flowers and more. However, all such pleasures of nature are strangers to our cities now. It's something that we have done ourselves, still doing, depriving our younger generations of all such pleasure.

The greater irony is, we seek solace in the virtual worlds. Our bird song comes from MP3s, our greenery in screensavers. And tweet on the web mimicking nature. As we use these products, as we live a synthetic life, we need to think, rethink how our life is affecting our world, our Nature. As creative people, it's time we thought about how our creations, the products and services we create and we use impact our world.

Time we thought about how our design can be sustainable, something that matches the needs to the resources in the most effective way possible.

2009 - 07.29.


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